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Elite Combatives


Adult Martial Arts and Combatives

This Course is for participants over the age of 18! And only for individuals who have the desire to be a complete Warrior! This is a Combat Scenario driven class, and it encompasses all practical courses available at Elite Combatives. Training starts with Indoctrination once completed the participants meet 2 nights/days per week for 2 hours per night/day. It is strongly suggested that you join with a training partner to maximize your training experience. Or join one of our large classes.

Course Includes:


 Police and Military CQC Techniques

 Knife/Stick/Baton Training

 Survival Training

 Firearms Instruction

 Weapon Retention


 Confrontation Management

 Team Tactics

 First Aid Training

 Conditioning and Physical Fitness

 Indoctrination Course

 Situational Awareness

 Improvised Weapons

 Street Combatives

 Rope Rescue