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Elite Combatives


Combat Fitness & Self Defense

Combat Fitness & Self-Defense Course Description 

This program is designed to take you from a couch potato and turn you into a Physically Fit Combat Ready Warrior!

We do this with a natural progression based on your current physical fitness level, and we work at your pace!

We will Push You! Only Because We Know You Are More Capable than you Think!

Do Not Be Intimidated to Try This Course:

  • One on One Training, No Large Group, Just You and an Instructor!
  • We can Train you in the Comfort of Your Home, or Train at Our Facility!
  • Can't do a Push-Up? No Problem we WILL Get you There!
  • Can't do a Pull- Up? If you stay with the Program, It CAN Happen!
  • Sit-Ups a Problem? We can work on that slowly and at your pace!
  • Do have a problem walking long distances? We can get you Running in no Time!
  • Do you feel uncoordinated and think I won't be able to do this? Our Instructors will work with you every step of the way, by modifying each routine so they work for you!
  • Are you capable of defending yourself or Family? You can be with proper training!
  • You do not have to be an Extreme Athlete to Start this Course!
  • We have no judgements about your current condition. The most important step is getting started!!!

What's Included?


Physical Fitness Evaluation 

Get Your Starting Point

Your Instructor will have you perform a series of exercises in order to evaluate and record your starting point in the program.
This will include:
1/4 Mile Run

Based on the results your Instructor will design a program that will help you achieve the goals you have set with your trainer.


The First Step in the Process

Meet with your Instructor

Talk with your trainer about your Current fitness level

Discuss your Physical Fitness Goals

Discuss Frequency of Training

Talk About Training Options

Select Your Routine 

Start Your Training

What will be Included

Our Programs incorporate various forms of Physical training disciplines to help you meet your training Goals.
All Workouts are personalized and based on individual preferences and abilities.  
The following are options that may or may not be included in the routine you have developed with your trainer. 

Jumping Jacks


Great Warmup to get the blood flowing in the body.



A classic exercise that builds upper body strength. Various positions may be employed.
  • Regular
  • Wide
  • Diamond
  • Close  



Build Back and Shoulder Strength!

Sand Bag Training

Weighted Sand Bags

Incorporate weighted sandbags into your workout routine. 


The Killer

Full Body Workout that uses several movements to complete one repetition.

Ab-Strap Workout

Hanging Sit-Ups

Abdominal workout using straps to utilize all abdominal muscles.

Cardio Kick-Boxing

Beat On Bob

Use various punching and kicking techniques on our full size training partner. Great stress reducer!!!

Body Drag

Save a Friend

Get your Teammates out of trouble!
We Start with Sandbags and work up to a live subject! 


No Rules, Only Real Self Protection

Learn Effective Strike and Kick combinations to defeat any attacker. 

Log PT

Train like a SEAL

Test your Strength, Will and Endurance, with this challenging workout!
The Log is your Friend and you will not do anything without it!

Obstacle Course

Prepare for Battle

  • 10 yard Sandbag Sprint
  • Sandbag Door Breach
  • 25' Weighted Rope Pull
  • 6' 4" Climbing Wall
  • 20' Belly Crawl
  • Knife and Ax Training and Throwing Area
  • The Over and Under Obstacle
  • Crossbow Training and Shooting Area
  • 250 yard Sprint
  • Sparing with BOB

Can be Done with Weighted Vest or Combat Vest and Full Load Out!