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Elite Combatives


The Schedule

8:00 am Orientation               

Lighthouse Park, Ocean Acres, Manahawkin 

8:30 am  PT Test

9:00 am  PT Run

9:30 am Travel Time

10:00am Swim / Water Ops Intro to Team Building                                                                                                              Bayview Park, Long Beach Twp

11:30am  Travel Time/ Lunch

12:00 pm Break Falls/ Basic Self Defense                                                                                                                                 Holgate Beach, Holgate

2:30 pm 1st Phase PT (Team Building)

3:30 pm Travel Time

4:00 pm Basic Firearms Training                                                                                                                           Warren Grove Shooting Range, Rt. 539

6:00 pm Travel Time

6:30 pm 2nd Phase PT (Team Exercises)                                                                                                              The Pit

7:30 pm Critique Session

8:00 pm Barbeque

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This is a Earn the Patch Event!!!