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Elite Combatives


Military Preparation

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Military Preparedness

If you are interested in joining the Military or entering a career in Law Enforcement, our new program is for you!

This 12 week Conditioning and Physical Fitness course will get you in peak physical condition, to get you through boot camp or the Police Academy.

Course Includes:

Basic Military Commands/ Movements

Proper wearing of the uniform

Physical Fitness Program

Running Program

Close Quarter Combat

Firearms safety and Training

Basic Survival

Team Building Exercises 


Our programs are Branch specific.



Air Force


Coast Guard

We also offer Elite unit preparation.

Navy S.E.A.L.S / B.U.D.S 

Marine Recon

Army Special Forces / Ranger

Air Force Para-Rescue

Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer


All programs customized and personalized to your current physical condition.

Personal Individual, Small and Large Group Classes.

All Training done in Outdoor Environment, Like the Real Thing!!!

Morning and Evening Classes Available.


ATTENTION High School Students:

Discounts available for current High School students who have a commitment to join the military or R.O.T.C participants.

Make sure you are ready for the challenges you will surely face!

For a limited time get a FREE Fitness Evaluation and Personalized Workout.

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