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Elite Combatives


Security Officer Training

Attention Nightclub, Bar Owners, and Security Personnel 

To Bar or Nightclub Owners:

Are you having problems with overly aggressive bouncers at your facility? 

Are you having problems with fake ID's? 

As an Owner or Manager do you have time to properly train your Security Staff?

Most of these problems are training issues! Do you need a solution?

To Security Managers and Security personnel:

Are you new to the Security field and want to be properly trained in how to safely handle violent patrons?

Are you a Manger and are frustrated with everyone acting as individuals, instead of performing as a team? 

Do you work with a bunch of guys who don't know what to do when things go bad?

Let Us Help you Properly Train your Staff!

Phase 1 Night Club Security Training

ABC Rules & Regulations

Learn the rules as they apply to Security


False ID Detection

Tip's and Trick's


ID Detection Systems


Report Writing

Type's of Reports

Why they are necessary

Who reads them

Writing a professional report

Reviewing your report


Use of Force

Security and Use of Force

When is Force Necessary


Escalation of Force

Defense of Property

Consequences of Force



Use of Radios

Radio Etiquette


Hand Signals and Flashlights

I'm OK

Need Help

No Help Needed

Site Assessment

Learn your sites vulnerabilities

Assign Priorities

Estimate personnel needed to secure vulnerabilities

Positions and Responsibilities

Develop positions for Security personnel based on Priorities and Vulnerabilities


Implement Responsibilities for each position based on Priorities and Vulnerabilities

Development of Security Handbook

After Full Assessment of your facility, Development of your Security Team and a Interview with your Management Group, we will write all approved methods into a manual that can be shared with all Security Personnel, that will explain in detail all policies governing your establishment and Security Procedures.


Phase 2 Night Club Security (Physical Training)

Moving a Resistive Subject


Situational Self Defense


Pain Compliance


Team Tactics

First Aid


Phase 3 Security Training (Physical Team Training)

Protective Formations /  Positions and Responsibilities




Moving The Crowd

Advanced Team Tactics

Advanced Self-Defense Tactics

Impact Weapons Training


Options To Enhance Your Security Team

Handcuff Training


 Justification For Handcuffing

 Types of Subjects

 The Approach

 Standard Operating Procedure

 Verbal Commands

 Practical Training


Baton Training

 Baton Grip

 The Draw

 Angles of Attack


 Targets and Striking Points


Pepper Spray Training


 Types and Delivery Systems

 Pros and Cons

 When to use Pepper Spray

 When Not to use Pepper Spray


 Deploying and Receiving


Apprehension and Control Techniques

 Arriving at an Incident

 Managing the Scene

 Positioning on the Subject

 Takedowns and Controlling the Subject

 Team Tactics


Hire Your Staff

 Tired of hiring the wrong guy for the job?

 Use our years of Security management experience to hire the right candidates for your location.


 We will ensure you get the right personnel to prevent legal action being taken against your business!


 Hire Security Not Bouncers!


 You approve all potential prospects!


 Schedule the right Security Staff based on your needs



Safeguard Your Front Door From Fake ID's


 Are you tired of Fake ID's getting by?


 How much will the fine cost you?


 Want a system that will catch them?


 Contact us we will tell you where you can get one and give you a Demonstration!