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Elite Combatives


Elite Combatives Proudly


Situational Awareness and

 Management Webinar

We are very proud to present our very first webinar! 

This course will be presented FREE of charge to anyone who signs up for our mailing list. When you sign up, we will send you a confirmation email with all the information and a link to the webinar. Signup below!

Course Includes:

What is Situational Awareness.

Find out what it is, and why you need it!

What to Look For.

Learn how to pick up on things before they happen!

Threat Indicators

Does the person coming toward you mean you harm? Learn what to look for!


Adapt the skills of an Air Force Fighter Pilot!

Threat Levels

How ready for an altercation should you be? Get educated on the levels of progression!

Other Considerations

Situations to be aware of!

Private Q&A After the Webinar

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