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Elite Combatives


Customer Testimonials

"Trin's first training session at Elite Combatives was a success thanks to Troy Sarro for turning her nervousness into excitement"

- Christopher Horn


After training with Elite Combatives, I gained the knowledge and confidence to provide superior security to my clients knowing that I would be able to defend them and myself. Elite Combatives training is one of the best in New Jersey!

-Eric Johnson, Executive Protection Specialist

A++ If you are looking for an exciting group of instructors that will teach and prepare you to be better trained then the "next guy" I speak from experience select Elite Combatives NJ and they will transform you into a warrior. Diverse techniques and simple easy to learn instruction makes Troy and the boys easy to recommend to my friends and fellow members in my industry.

- Justin McCullough , Private Investigator

The knowledge and experience I gained from my training with Troy has ultimately changed my life for the better. It provided me with not only the confidence and skills to protect myself and be better prepared then the "other guy", it has also benefitted my awareness and focus, as well as my mentality towards accomplishing goals. There is no quitting. No one wants excuses; only results. Work smarter, not harder. Troy and the guys will work hard to get you the results you are looking for!

-Brandon Bach, Surveillance Agent

This class was definitely hard, but totally worth it. The great thing was they showed you just the basics and it made so much sense, and would help you so much in a fight. I can’t wait to experience what I will know at the end of the course.

 -Gus Lyon, Indoctrination Graduate

Today was a very well rounded class. I learned basic fighting techniques, not only how to defend myself but also how to take the fight to that person.

The course was physically tough and pushed me to my limits. But I can say those limits have made it to the next level, and as long as I keep up what I was shown, I can continue to improve.

I would recommend this class to all types of people, of all types of levels.

-Sam Sinclair, Indoctrination Graduate

The indoctrination class was a great way to test your physical and metal limitations. It was great to push myself as hard as I could and have your team have your back and you have all of theirs. Just learning the basics today was eye opening and I already feel much more confident in a fight. Today was a great experience and can’t wait to continue learning.

-John Brower, Indoctrination Graduate

I went into this not knowing what to expect. I was definitely in for a surprise. Between the PT, the Combat, and the log training, I was put to my limits all day. It hurt but in the end it was one of the most rewarding expireience ever. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.  I just would like to thank Troy Sarro for introducing me to this program and taking me under his wing. When I started I was 275lbs and very unhappy and had very low self esteem. Since I joined not only have I become part of something I'm proud of but it's motivated me to take my physical and mental health into my own hands. Today I am 30lbs lighter and so much happier and more confident to the point where people are actually ...treating me different. I was shown that I am capable of much more than I previously thought and that alone was enough to push me on the right path. I suggest everyone check this program out. It is all very practical and handy knowledge from self defense all the way to survival in emergencies. It will literally show you a side of yourself you didnt know existed. Its something thats in all of us and Elite Combatives can help you bring it into the light! This was great and I'm in this for the long haul.

Charles Buccola, Indoctrination Graduate