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Elite Combatives


Troy Sarro: is a S.O.R.A Certified Security Professional with over 15 years of Security experience serving the night club, hotel, corporate security, and Large Venue Events arena. He is a Certified Executive Protection Specialist who has provided services to celebrities and high profile clients. He has also served as a Fugitive Recovery Agent for 13 years. Mr. Sarro has achieved numerous Black Belts over his 23 year martial arts career, and is certified as an instructor in several more such as, Knife & Stick/Baton, Weapon Retention, Handcuffing, Pepper Spray, Confrontation Management, Law Enforcement / Military Close Quarters Combat, Situational Awareness and Improvised Weapons. He has also provided training to Elite Combat Unit members such as Navy SEALS, Marine RECON, Army Special Forces, SWAT Teams and Police Officers Nationwide. Troy is also a representative for Advanced ID Detection, The Best ID Verification System in the World as well as being T.I.P.S. certified. Troy has also served 10 years as a volunteer Firefighter where he was trained in various disiplines such as, Firefighter 1,2,3, Heavy Rescue, First Responder, High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Operational, Incident Command System, Hazmat, Vehicle Extrication, Gas & Electric Emergencies, Team Building, Fire Inspector, Fire Official.

Eric Weist: A Elite Combatives Graduate and law enforcement veteran with over six years of active duty experience. Eric has also been providing professional security services over the past eight years for high end night clubs and for celebrities, CEO's of major corporations, and for the family of one of Forbes 500 . Eric has received numerous acommendations throughout his law enforcement and security career.


Graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy, Response to active shooter situations, Vehicle Operations, Hand to hand combat, Weapon retention and disarmanment, Handcuffing, OC Deployment, Asp and PR-24 Certified, Room clearing, Firearms Instructor, D.A.R.E. Instructor, Handgun Shotgun, M-4 Patrol Rifle, Submachine Gun, First Aid, AED Deployment, Water Rescue Certified, Certified Life Guard, Alcohol Detection, Foreign and domestic terrorism training, Knife Fighting, Ground Fighting, Standing Takedowns.

Chris Smith:

Chris is an avid outdoorsman and survivalist. He has spent 2 years living full time in the Pine Barrens honing his survival skills. He works with many vendors helping them create/change products. Especially, in the hammock shelter market,  for lightweight and low temperature comfort. He is currently planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail from start to finish a 2,180 mile hike from Maine to Georgia. Chris has honed his skills in Knot tying, rope braiding, Fire Starting, outdoor cooking, hunting, trapping, skinning, food preservation and woodworking, making such things as tool handles, furniture and utensils such as bowls and spoons all from materials found in nature, water purification and water source locating and procurement. He has built and lived in shelters using only what was available to him at the time. Chris has agreed to share his knowledge with the students of Elite Combatives and is a welcome addition to the team.

Jason Mowad: Is a martial artist with 23 years experience. He has trained in the art of Ninjutsu for 9 years, advancing to the rank of 1st degree black belt. Jason is a certified MMA strength and conditioning trainer and specializes in submission fighting, kickboxing, shoot fighting, and Brazilian Jujitsu. Mr. Mowad is a current student of the Worden Defense System and has successfully completed 5 Water & Steel seminars held by renowned martial artist Kelly Worden. Jason is also a student of traditional Bowie knife fighting, Authentic Dim Mak, Iron Palm techniques and Southern Chinese Kung Fu. Jason is also a combat mindset instructor and teaches Chi Meditation. With his vast knowledge of traditional and contemporary martial arts Jason will be a welcome addition to the Tactical Training Team.