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Elite Combatives


Women's Programs


Why do I need this Program?

Elite Combatives offers classes geared toward Women.

Women encounter problems and situations that men do not, so we have a program  developed specifically for you.

Do you work in a profession that you find puts you in dangerous, awkward or uncomfortable situations?

(Service Industry, Nurse, Lawyer, Parole Officer, Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Special Needs Aid, Teacher, Uber/Lyft Driver.)

Do you carry cash after your shift is done?

(Bartender, Waitress,  Delivery Driver, Store Manager)

Do you Travel to Foreign Countries?

(Latin America, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico)

These are just a few examples of  the reasons to take a Self-Defense Course!

Our easy to learn Self-Defense techniques and tactics will leave you feeling confident and ready to confront any attacker or aggressive individual or group.

Whether you have never thrown a punch or you are a practicing martial artist, We have a program for you!

Basic Self-Defense

Are you new to learning how to defend yourself?
Are you looking for a place to start?
This is the Course for You!
This program will teach you:
You will not only learn each technique and where to strike you will actually apply them to our training partner BOB and utilize pad drills to develop combination attacks.

Intermediate Self-Defense

Now that you have learned how to properly strike and where.
This program expands on this knowledge by incorporating techniques that will use natural responses to evade the initial attack of an aggressor, and turn the table in your favor.

This Includes:
Spontaneous Protection System Techniques
Evading the Attack
Diminishment Theory
Grabs, Trap's & Locks
Finishing Techniques
What to do after!  

Advanced Self-Defense

This class is scenario based and will put all your knowledge to the test.

We set up the situation, You fight your way out!

You will also be introduced to:
Improvised Weapons and How to Use Them
Impact Weapons and How to Use Them
Pepper Spray ( Pro's & Con's)

Basic Survival

Do you love nature?
Do you go on yoga retreats to exotic lands and places?
Are you a hiker who likes to get out in the woods?
Can you Survive if you got lost or separated from your group, till help arrived?


Our Basic Program Includes:
Fire Starting
Water Purification Methods
Contents of a basic Survival Kit

Without the basics you don't have a chance!

We highly recommend continuing your training after this basic course!!!

Talk to your Instructor after this program for more information.

Elite Combatives offers many options for women!

Individual Personal Training

Group Classes (Women Only)

Small Group or Organizations / Clubs

Join the Men

If you want to be challenged both mentally and physically, Try our Indoctrination Course; Click the link below for more information!